Dentium implants: 5-step procedure

Process of American implant Dentium
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What is a Dentium implant? Nowadays, dental treatments have become popular because the demand for beauty is increasing. Among them, American Implant Dentium Superline is trending in Vietnam and is the top choice of many clients because of its outstanding advantages. Let’s find out more information about this treatment.

I. American Dentium Implant Superline

There are various methods of restoring teeth as a solution for tooth loss, such as dentures, porcelain teeth, and so on. Customers, however, continue to prefer dental implants due to their numerous advantages.

Professionals recommend American post as well as Korean post for its quality and durability.

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1.1 Structure of American Implant Dentium

Structure of American Dentium Implant
Structure of American Dentium Implant

100% titanium with a compact, elongated diameter structure, and so on. The abutments between the implant posts are firmly linked.

The connection between the abutment and the post is made of ten conical spirals to ensure a perfect fit and stability in water and on the jaw.

Because of their large surface area, implant posts are appropriate for conditions requiring maxillary sinus augmentation.

The dual-groove system designed on the implant body allows patients to reduce treatment time from 2 to 3 months while still chewing normally.

1.2 Outstanding advantages of American Implant Dentium

  • Firmness, durability, and good bearing
  • High aesthetics help gain more confidence in communication.
  • Light, stable, and anti-oxide in mouth
  • Avoid to jaw resorption due to tooth loss
  • Lessen the implantation period
  • Food sensors as natural teeth
  • Long lifespan and properly lifetime

II. American Implant Dentium Procedure

Process of American implant Dentium
Process of American implant Dentium

2.1 The Procedure

Step 1:Have a comprehensive exam and X-ray to determine the sufficient conditions to perform the implant. Consulting and answering questions.

Step 2: Plan and choose the appropriate implant that is affordable and suitable for the patient’s budget and their requirement. The doctor advises putting extra bones before implanting in some cases.

Step 3: Local anesthetic to insert the post into gum, the patient will be anesthetized during the procedure, so there is no pain. In addition, there are tools to support minor errors.

Step 4: After implanting the post, wait for the post to fit with the jaw for 2 to 4 months depending on each case, the doctor will restore the tooth shape.

Step 5: Re-examination your dentist regularly to check the condition and the recovery process of your teeth.

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2.2 Is American implant Dentium safe ?

Customers can be confident in the quality and safety of Dentium implants thanks to the most advanced American dental implant technique. Because if the customer is performed by a highly skilled and professional doctor, with modern facilities and equipment, a plan for proper dental care and hygiene, and sticking to the doctor’s instructions, the implant can be used permanently.

III. Dental Implants Care

Dental implants care necessarily require almost the same oral hygiene as natural teeth. Extra hygiene equipment may be necessary to clean small regions, such as those beneath implant-supported bridges, All-on-4, or full arch implants. The most important thing is to clean the gums around your tooth replacement and implant repair completely.


Your dentist, hygienist, or implant restoration expert may advise any or all of the following oral hygiene techniques depending on the kind of implant replacement you have.

  • Use a high-quality electric toothbrush, and use it twice daily for two minutes each.
  • Use an interdental brush to clean the implant abutment on both sides.
  • Update to a water flosser to clean the gums surrounding each implant and underneath fixed appliances.
  • Once or twice daily, rinse your mouth with an alcohol-free, antibacterial mouthwash.

The goal of your dental implants care is to keep gum inflammation, peri-implantitis, or gingivitis from multilplying around your dental implants area. Good dental hygiene is essential because peri-implantitis is one of the leading causes of implant failure.

Dental Implant Care Kit
Dental Implant Care Kit

III. Who can use American implant Dentium ?

American dental implants can be used for all ages and genders to fix the loss of incisors and molars.

3.1 American implant Dentium cost 

This is the most common type of dental implant today. According to statistics over the years, this type of Implant is always in the top of the best dental implants in the world, trusted by many customers. The price of this type usually includes the cost of the post and attached porcelain teeth, ranging from 16.000.000 to 18.000.000 vnd depending on each dental clinic.

3.2 Where can you have an American Dentium implant ?

Dental clinics that specialize in implant surgery will use implant posts that meet international standards at a reasonable price. As a result, choosing a reputable and professional dental facility reduces the risk of complications from using low-quality posts; they will ensure that you can undergo implant surgery in an effective and safe manner. Furthermore, the global warranty makes it easier for you to select implant lines from well-known brands. Lifetime warranty available at any time and from any location!

BeDental has the latest imported dental equipment which is certified for safety by the Ministry of Health. At BeDental, we always ensure the best things for your oral health, minimize any possible complications


will be the best choice for those who want to experience the top-notch facilities and qualified dentist.After a short period of operation, the center quickly established itself as a popular destination for dental treatments and a leader in the area of dentistry. BeDental is set to become the top dentistry facility in Vietnam, thanks to highly qualified dental specialists, cutting-edge technology, and cutting-edge equipment such as a 3D Scan CT scanner, Panorama and Cephalo X-ray machines, a laser teeth whitening system, and so on. BeDental was established with the mission “Sow smile, spread success”, and believe that everyone deserves to have a charming and confident smile. That’s why Be tried their best to solve the dental problems or obstacles that hide your stunning smile.In reality, expenses are variable and rely on a variety of factors in a dental office, such as region, facilities, staff, service quality, brand awareness, technology, and so on. BeDental has revised their price list as our facilities and technologies have improved over the last ten years of growth and development. They make certain that their fees are affordable and flexible to a variety of financial conditions.

IV. Dental services Price list at Bedental

4.1 BeDental’s dental services price list

Over 10,000 patients from oversea chose Bedental last year because we provide premium quality dental care at affordable fees and prices.

We do not provide the cheapest dental works in Vietnam as premium dental works cannot be offered at cheap price.
However, compared to the prices of dentists in US, UK, Australia and New Zealand….. you can expect to save up to 70% of the cost of dental treatments while getting the same level of quality. All products, materials and equipment are manufactured in the US, Japan or Europe. All of them are FDA and CE safety regulation compliant.


1. Removable Denture – (See more…)
PH01 Conventional Denture (Each jaw) 1.500.000
PH02 Flexible acrylic partial denture (Each jaw) 3.000.000
PH03 Cast metal partial denture (Each jaw) 2.500.000
PH04 Titanium partial denture (Each jaw) 5.000.000
2. Artificial teeth – (See more…)
PH05 Acrylic resin teeth -made in Vietnam ( Each tooth) 100.000
PH06 Acrylic resin teeth -made in USA ( Each tooth) 150.000
PH07 Porcelain teeth backed with metal ( Each tooth) 1.000.000
Denture occlúion 1.000.000
3. Non-removable denture :
Porcelain teeth backed with metal (See more..)
PH08 Porcelain teeth backed with metal (Ni,Cr) 1.000.000
PH09 Porcelain teeth backed with metal Vivadent France (Cr,Co) 1.200.000
PH10 Porcelain teeth backed with metal Jelenko USD (Cr,Co) 1.500.000
PH11 Porcelain teeth backed with titanium 2.500.000
Non-metal Teeth: (See more)
PH20 Porcelain Veneer Katana from Japan (7-year warranty) 2.900.000
PH19 Porcelain Veneer Venus from Germany (7-year warranty) (See more..) 3.500.000
PH12 Porcelain Veneer Roland from Germany (10-year warranty) (See more…) 4.500.000
PH13 Porcelain Veneer Roland HD from Germany (10-year warranty) (See more…) 5.500.000
PH14 Porcelain Veneer Ceramil from Germany (10-year warranty) (See more…) 6.000.000
PH15 Porcelain Veneer Emax from Germany (15-year warranty) 7.000.000
PH13-1 Porcelain Veneer Htsmile from Germany (15-year warranty) (See more…) 7.000.000
PH15-1 Porcelain Veneer Emax press from Germany (15-year warranty)  (See more…) 8.000.000
PH15-2 Porcelain Veneer Cercon from Germany (15-year warranty) (See more…) 7.000.000
PH16 Porcelain Veneer Nacera from Germany (10-year warranty) 7.000.000
PH17 Porcelain Veneer Lava 3M Plus from USA (15-year warranty) (See more…) 8.000.000
PH21 Porcelain Veneer 3M Lava Esthetic from USA ( 15-year warranty) 11.000.000
PH22 Porcelain Veneer Lisi from Japan ( 15-year warranty) (See more…) 11.000.000
PH18 Porcelain Veneer Diamond from USA ( Lifetime guarantee) 16.000.000

What Is The Cost Of Porcelain Veneers? - Smiles on Queen | Dentist Nobleton


SP01 Kin Gingival 250ml (For gum inflammation) 180.000
SP02 Kin Toothpaste 75ml 180.000
SP03 Kin B5 Enjuague Mouthwash 500ml 310.000
SP04 Kin B5 toothpaste 125ml 200.000
SP05 Sensi Kin Mouthwash 250 250.000
SP06 Sensi kin gel (Desensitize gel) 180.000
SP07 Perio kin (For gum inflammation) 180.000
SP08 Ortho Kin Mouthwash 500ml 310.000
SP09 Ortho Kin toothpaste 180.000
SP10 Procare water flosser (See more……) 1.850.000
SP11 Oralpick water flosser (See more……) 1.950.000
Price list of products to support dental treatment – not for buying online


Tartar Cleaning and polishing (See more…)
NC01 Tartar Cleaning and polishing – mild 250.000
NC02 Tartar Cleaning and polishing – moderate 350.000
NC03 Tartar Cleaning and polishing – heavy 450.000
Other dental Service
NC04 Cleaning with Cacbonat sand 120.000
NC05 Operculectomy – Gumgivitis (See more…) 1.200.000


1. Teeth filling (See more..).
DT01 Baby teeth filling 100.000
DT02 Permanent Teeth Filling 300.000
DT03 Cosmetic Filling 500.000
DT04 Sensitive teeth filling 200.000
2. Root Canal Treatment – Anterior by endodontist machine (See more…)
DT05 Root Canal Treatment – Anterior for baby teeth 500.000
DT06 Root Canal Treatment – Anterior for Front teeth 700.000
DT07 Root Canal Treatment – Anterior for Premolar teeth 900.000
DT08 Root Canal Treatment – Anterior for molar teeth 1.200.000
Root Canal reTreatment – Anterior by endodontist machine
DT09 Root Canal Treatment – Anterior for Front teeth by endodontist machine 900.000
DT10 Anterior for Premolar teeth by endodontist machine 1.200.000
DT11 Anterior for molar teeth by endodontist machine 1.500.000
4 Vecniflour dental care (See more…)
DT12 Vecniflour dental care for child 400.000


1. Tooth Extraction  (See more…)
TP01 Deciduous tooth Extraction without anesthetic Free
TP02 Deciduous tooth Extraction with Anesthetic 100.000
TP03 Front Tooth Extraction 500.000
TP04 Premolar tooth Extraction 800.000
TP05 Upper Wisdom Tooth Extraction 1.500.000
TP06 Lower Wisdom Tooth Extraction Straight-grown
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