OSSTEM Implant: 3 considerable benefits of Implant Osstem

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The OSSTEM Implant represents a distinguished series of implant posts crafted under the aegis of AIC, a prominent institution renowned for its implant training initiatives in South Korea. Within the realm of the Korean dental implant market, the OSSTEM Implant stands as the preeminent choice, commanding popularity across an extensive spectrum of more than 50 countries worldwide. With a remarkable legacy spanning over 14 years, this implant post system has firmly established its presence as a stalwart player in the global dental arena.

What is Implant Osstem?

implant osstem là gì
What is Implant Osstem ?

The OSSTEM dental implant is a product hailing from South Korea, manufactured by the AIC Professional Dental Education Institute. It stands as the pioneering entry in the Korean dental implant market and has garnered popularity across more than 50 countries worldwide, boasting a reputable history spanning 14 years.

Constructed from pure titanium, akin to its counterparts, the OSSTEM Implant boasts exceptional biocompatibility, facilitating rapid and secure fusion with the jawbone.

From a functional perspective, the design of the OSSTEM implant post emulates that of a natural tooth root. This characteristic ensures its stability within the jawbone, enabling it to effectively support functions such as eating and chewing, closely resembling the experience provided by real teeth. Consequently, individuals grappling with tooth loss can anticipate a relatively short timeframe of approximately 3 to 6 months to complete the OSSTEM implant procedure, facilitating a rapid return to optimal dental functionality and aesthetics.

3 considerable benefits of Implant Osstem

OSSTEM Implant: 3 considerable benefits of Implant Osstem
OSSTEM Implant: 3 considerable benefits of Implant Osstem

Implant post system integrates bone quickly with an excellent design

The stability and the remarkable chewing functionality resembling that of natural teeth, provided by implant-supported teeth, hinge significantly on the biocompatibility of the implant post. This is precisely why the OSSTEM Implant post is meticulously engineered with a tapered cylinder body, featuring strategically placed grooves along the cylinder’s surface to facilitate secure integration with the jawbone.

Notably, this innovative design holds the potential to enhance the implant’s strength, even in cases where the bone structure is compromised or weaker. By combining a tapered form with surface texturing, the OSSTEM implant system ensures a robust connection with the jawbone, promoting successful osseointegration and enduring functionality for the patient’s restored smile.

20-year warranty

Boasting an impressively high success rate in implantation procedures, OSSTEM Implant stands out as a type of implant that is notably gentle on the body, causing minimal irritation. As a result, individuals who have experienced tooth loss can opt for an OSSTEM Implant, requiring only a single procedure to regain the ability to eat and chew with nearly the same efficiency as natural teeth.

Furthermore, the OSSTEM Implant comes with a remarkable 20-year warranty, and with proper care, it has the potential to last a lifetime. This combination of durability, functionality, and longevity makes OSSTEM Implant a highly favorable choice for individuals seeking a permanent and effective solution for tooth replacement.

Chewing function as real teeth with the most optimize price

The Osstem Implant system offers individuals who have lost their teeth the opportunity to regain their chewing function similar to that of natural teeth. However, the current market features a range of implant options that can be quite costly, making it a financial challenge for everyone to undergo the procedure. For those with the financial means, it’s advisable to explore and opt for this method sooner, ensuring the restoration of a beautiful and radiant set of teeth akin to their original state.

Positioned at the forefront of delivering high-quality yet affordable implant solutions, the OSSTEM Implant stands out as a promising avenue for acquiring a new tooth for the second time in one’s life at an economical cost. This breakthrough has extended the opportunity to individuals worldwide who have experienced tooth loss, granting them access to advanced implant techniques that enhance their chewing capability and overall oral function.

Failed implant placements not only entail a waste of time, effort, and financial resources but also impact one’s emotional well-being and confidence in everyday communication. To steer clear of disruptions in one’s life, the selection of a reputable dental clinic becomes paramount.

The Osstem implant system goes the extra mile in minimizing discomfort during the implantation procedure, prioritizing the comfort and well-being of the patients throughout their journey towards restoring their smiles and oral function.

OSSTEM Implant: 3 considerable benefits of Implant Osstem
OSSTEM Implant: 3 considerable benefits of Implant Osstem

Where can you get the service ?

Founded in 2012, BeDental swiftly garnered recognition as a premier destination for exceptional dental services, emerging as a pioneering force in the field of dentistry. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by a team of extensively trained dental professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and cutting-edge technology, all driving us toward our aspiration of becoming the foremost dental center in Vietnam.

At BeDental, our ethos is encapsulated in our mission: “Sow smile, spread success.” We firmly believe that every individual deserves a captivating and self-assured smile. Accordingly, we dedicate ourselves to surmounting dental challenges and removing any barriers that obscure the brilliance of your smile.

Above all, we hold the belief that robust oral health forms the bedrock of a joyous life, while a radiant smile serves as the gateway to achievement. With an unwavering commitment, BeDental continually strives to ascend as a trailblazing entity in the realm of cosmetic dentistry, particularly in the realm of cutting-edge porcelain dental technology.

Our team and facilities

Boasting the most exceptional dental practitioners in Vietnam, BeDental extends a familial commitment and unwavering dedication to each and every customer. Our ethos revolves around treating every individual as if they were a part of our own family. As a distinguished and expert dental establishment, BeDental has strategically positioned multiple branches in city centers, ensuring convenient accessibility for our valued clients.

Furthermore, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our utilization of state-of-the-art imported dental equipment, rigorously certified for safety by the Ministry of Health. Our 5-star facilities not only offer a luxurious ambiance but also create a serene environment in which patrons can unwind while experiencing world-class dental services.

Dental services Price list at Bedental

BeDental is pleased to present its comprehensive dental services price list, offering a transparent overview of the value-driven options we provide to our esteemed patients.

With an impressive count of over 10,000 international patients selecting BeDental as their dental care destination last year, our commitment to delivering premium-quality dental care at reasonable fees is evident. While we do not compete solely on price, we firmly believe that superior dental works should be associated with the investment they entail.

Unlike providers offering subpar services, we recognize that premium dental care cannot be compromised at a reduced cost. Our approach focuses on delivering exceptional quality, and as such, our prices reflect the unparalleled value we offer. However, in comparison to the exorbitant fees charged by dental professionals in regions like the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, our patients can anticipate remarkable savings of up to 70% for equivalent dental treatments. This means you can enjoy the same level of superior quality while enjoying significant financial relief.

It is important to note that all our products, materials, and equipment are sourced from reputable manufacturers in the US, Japan, or Europe. We uphold the highest safety standards by adhering to FDA and CE regulations, ensuring that our patients receive treatments that meet international safety and quality benchmarks.


1. Removable Denture – (See more…)
PH01 Conventional Denture (Each jaw) 1.500.000
PH02 Flexible acrylic partial denture (Each jaw) 3.000.000
PH03 Cast metal partial denture (Each jaw) 2.500.000
PH04 Titanium partial denture (Each jaw) 5.000.000
2. Artificial teeth – (See more…)
PH05 Acrylic resin teeth -made in Vietnam ( Each tooth) 100.000
PH06 Acrylic resin teeth -made in USA ( Each tooth) 150.000
PH07 Porcelain teeth backed with metal ( Each tooth) 1.000.000
Denture occlúion 1.000.000
3. Non-removable denture :
Porcelain teeth backed with metal (See more..)
PH08 Porcelain teeth backed with metal (Ni,Cr) 1.000.000
PH09 Porcelain teeth backed with metal Vivadent France (Cr,Co) 1.200.000
PH10 Porcelain teeth backed with metal Jelenko USD (Cr,Co) 1.500.000
PH11 Porcelain teeth backed with titanium 2.500.000
Non-metal Teeth: (See more)
PH20 Porcelain Veneer Katana from Japan (7-year warranty) 2.900.000
PH19 Porcelain Veneer Venus from Germany (7-year warranty) (See more..) 3.500.000
PH12 Porcelain Veneer Roland from Germany (10-year warranty) (See more…) 4.500.000
PH13 Porcelain Veneer Roland HD from Germany (10-year warranty) (See more…) 5.500.000
PH14 Porcelain Veneer Ceramil from Germany (10-year warranty) (See more…) 6.000.000
PH15 Porcelain Veneer Emax from Germany (15-year warranty) 7.000.000
PH13-1 Porcelain Veneer Htsmile from Germany (15-year warranty) (See more…) 7.000.000
PH15-1 Porcelain Veneer Emax press from Germany (15-year warranty)  (See more…) 8.000.000
PH15-2 Porcelain Veneer Cercon from Germany (15-year warranty) (See more…) 7.000.000
PH16 Porcelain Veneer Nacera from Germany (10-year warranty) 7.000.000
PH17 Porcelain Veneer Lava 3M Plus from USA (15-year warranty) (See more…) 8.000.000
PH21 Porcelain Veneer 3M Lava Esthetic from USA ( 15-year warranty) 11.000.000
PH22 Porcelain Veneer Lisi from Japan ( 15-year warranty) (See more…) 11.000.000
PH18 Porcelain Veneer Diamond from USA ( Lifetime guarantee) 16.000.000

OSSTEM Implant: 3 considerable benefits of Implant Osstem
OSSTEM Implant: 3 considerable benefits of Implant Osstem


SP01 Kin Gingival 250ml (For gum inflammation) 180.000
SP02 Kin Toothpaste 75ml 180.000
SP03 Kin B5 Enjuague Mouthwash 500ml 310.000
SP04 Kin B5 toothpaste 125ml 200.000
SP05 Sensi Kin Mouthwash 250 250.000
SP06 Sensi kin gel (Desensitize gel) 180.000
SP07 Perio kin (For gum inflammation) 180.000
SP08 Ortho Kin Mouthwash 500ml 310.000
SP09 Ortho Kin toothpaste 180.000
SP10 Procare water flosser (See more……) 1.850.000
SP11 Oralpick water flosser (See more……) 1.950.000
Price list of products to support dental treatment – not for buying online


Tartar Cleaning and polishing (See more…)
NC01 Tartar Cleaning and polishing – mild 250.000
NC02 Tartar Cleaning and polishing – moderate 350.000
NC03 Tartar Cleaning and polishing – heavy 450.000
Other dental Service
NC04 Cleaning with Cacbonat sand 120.000
NC05 Operculectomy – Gumgivitis (See more…) 1.200.000


1. Teeth filling (See more..).
DT01 Baby teeth filling 100.000
DT02 Permanent Teeth Filling 300.000
DT03 Cosmetic Filling 500.000
DT04 Sensitive teeth filling 200.000
2. Root Canal Treatment – Anterior by endodontist machine (See more…)
DT05 Root Canal Treatment – Anterior for baby teeth 500.000
DT06 Root Canal Treatment – Anterior for Front teeth 700.000
DT07 Root Canal Treatment – Anterior for Premolar teeth 900.000
DT08 Root Canal Treatment – Anterior for molar teeth 1.200.000
Root Canal reTreatment – Anterior by endodontist machine
DT09 Root Canal Treatment – Anterior for Front teeth by endodontist machine 900.000
DT10 Anterior for Premolar teeth by endodontist machine 1.200.000
DT11 Anterior for molar teeth by endodontist machine 1.500.000
4 Vecniflour dental care (See more…)
DT12 Vecniflour dental care for child 400.000


1. Tooth Extraction  (See more…)
TP01 Deciduous tooth Extraction without anesthetic Free
TP02 Deciduous tooth Extraction with Anesthetic 100.000
TP03 Front Tooth Extraction 500.000
TP04 Premolar tooth Extraction 800.000
TP05 Upper Wisdom Tooth Extraction 1.500.000
TP06 Lower Wisdom Tooth Extraction Straight-grown 1.500.000
TP07 Lower Wisdom Tooth Extraction non Straight-grown 2.000.000
TP08 Lower Wisdom Tooth Extraction – Dificult 2.500.000
TP09 Upper Wisdom Tooth Extraction with Piezotime 2.000.000
TP10 Lower Wisdom Tooth Extraction Straight-grown with Piezotome 3.500.000
TP11 Lower Wisdom Tooth Extraction Straight-grown with Piezotome – Dificult Case 5.000.000
TP12 Lower Wisdom Tooth Extraction non Straight-grown with Piezotome 4.500.000
TP13 Tooth abscess Treatment 300.000
TP14 Tooth follicles treatment 2.000.000
2. Gum contouring Surgery (See more…)
Gum contouring Surgery with Knife surgery (Per unit) 500.000
TP15 Gum contouring Surgerywith laser machine (Per unit) 1.000.000
TP16 Gum contouring Surgery bone impacting (full) 15.000.000
3. Other Surgeries


Teeth Whitening (See more…)
TT01 In-Office Whitening 3.000.000
TT02 Take-home Whitening kit with tray



What are the materials used in Osstem implants?

The materials utilized in Osstem implants are integral to the ET/SS Implant System. This intricate system is forged from titanium metal, a material deliberately chosen for its suitability in surgical implantation within either the upper or lower jawbone. The fixture element, a pivotal part of the system, is exclusively constituted of pure titanium metal, and it is meticulously sterilized before use.

It is worth noting that the surface of this component has undergone a specialized treatment process referred to as SA, or Sandblasting and Acid etching. This meticulous treatment contributes to enhancing the inherent qualities and performance of the implant, ensuring optimal functionality and compatibility with the jawbone.

What is the difference between Osstem and Straumann implants?

The OSSTEM implant systems are renowned for their guaranteed high level of cleanliness, ensuring the absence of any residual substances. In contrast, the Straumann implants are intricately designed to not only accelerate the healing process but also boast a well-established history of achieving the most favorable tissue response. This commitment to quality and efficacy makes both implant systems stand out in the field of dental implants.
What is the rank of Osstem implant?
OSSTEM IMPLANT holds a prestigious position as the top-ranking dental implant provider in the Asia-Pacific region, solidifying its status as the fifth leading global contender in the dental implant market.
Notably, the company’s remarkable growth trajectory sets it apart as the most rapidly advancing entity among the prominent “Big-5” global dental implant manufacturers. This impressive track record underscores OSSTEM IMPLANT’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of dental implantology.
What is the success rate of Osstem?
Over the span of seven years, the cumulative survival rate of Osstem implants has demonstrated a commendable figure of 95.37%. This noteworthy statistic underscores the reliability and effectiveness of Osstem implants in providing enduring solutions within the realm of dental implantation.
What are the strongest implants?
For individuals seeking a resilient dental implant material with the capacity to endure a lifetime, titanium stands as the optimal choice. Its exceptional durability and longevity make it a prime candidate for ensuring the sustained success and functionality of dental implantations over extended periods of time.
What is the most expensive part of a dental implant?
Within the realm of dental implants, the crown represents the most substantial investment, encompassing a spectrum of cost variations. These include options like all-ceramic, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM), and zirconia crowns. Notably, zirconia and all-ceramic crowns, renowned for their superior aesthetics, generally command a higher price point compared to PFM crowns, owing to their enhanced visual appeal and refined composition.
What are premium implants?
Opting for premium implants, which epitomize the epitome of quality, is advised for individuals seeking nothing short of excellence. Additionally, these top-tier implants are also highly recommended for those with compromised jaw bone density and a more diminutive volume, as they offer a proactive solution to circumvent the need for potential upgrades in the future. This strategic choice not only ensures the best possible outcome but also provides a comprehensive long-term solution.
What is the most common metal for implants?
Stainless steel has consistently maintained its status as the preferred material for a diverse array of orthopedic implants, owing to its exceptional qualities. Over time, a multitude of stainless steel alloys have been meticulously developed to serve both industrial and medical applications, showcasing the versatility and reliability that this material brings to the field of orthopedics. These alloys have been tailored to meet stringent medical requirements, ensuring optimal performance and durability for orthopedic implant solutions.

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