Tooth extraction and 4 noticeable questions

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Tooth extraction, while a prevalent dental procedure, necessitates a comprehensive understanding for individuals aiming to mitigate risks and enhance overall oral health. It is imperative for everyone to be cognizant of certain aspects surrounding this common dental intervention, as being well-informed can contribute significantly to minimizing potential complications and optimizing oral well-being. By familiarizing oneself with essential considerations, individuals can actively participate in the decision-making process and collaborate with their dental professionals to ensure a smoother and more successful tooth extraction experience, ultimately promoting ongoing dental health.

When do you need tooth extraction?

It is vital to keep the teeth healthy in order to preserve the mouth’s masticatory function and for aesthetic reasons. Permanent teeth, which erupt following the loss of milk teeth in childhood, are built to last a lifetime. However, there are times and situations when tooth extraction is necessary. These are some examples:

  • Damage –A tooth that has experienced severe decay or damage and cannot be repaired with restorative methods would have to be extracted. Damaged teeth, if not removed, can cause terrible pain.
  • Impacted Teeth – A wisdom tooth that erupts abnormally or becomes impacted may need to be pulled.
Impacted teeth
Impacted teeth. 
  • Infection – The pulp, which is located in the core of the tooth and is connected to nerves and blood vessels, can be damaged or decayed by tooth damage or dental decay. When bacteria enter the pulp, an infection can begin and worsen. Only tooth extraction or root canal treatment can prevent an infection from progressing.
  • Periodontal or Gum Disease – As a result of severe gum disease, the gums, tissues, and bones that support and surround the teeth may become infected. Typically, tooth extraction is recommended to prevent the infection from worsening.
  • Aesthetic Purposes – Some people have their teeth pulled to remove ugly teeth, such as those with intrinsic stains.

Tooth extraction procedure

You might undergo one of two types of extractions:

A visible tooth in your mouth is easily removed. Simple extractions are commonly performed by a dental hygienist. Your dentist will numb the region surrounding the tooth and the gums before removing the tooth using dental forceps after loosening it with an elevator.

A surgical extraction is a more complicated procedure used to remove teeth that have broken off at the gum line or have not yet entered the mouth. Surgical extractions are often performed by oral surgeons, however they can be performed by general dentists. A surgical extraction is performed by the dentist by creating a small incision in your gum and extracting the tooth beneath.

Where can you go to get a tooth extraction in Hanoi and HCM City?

You can visit BeDental in HCM or Hanoi to experience exactly the same services. 

After a short period of operation, the center quickly established itself as a popular destination for dental treatments and a leader in the area of dentistry. BeDental is set to become the top dentistry facility in Vietnam, thanks to highly qualified dental specialists, cutting-edge technology, and cutting-edge equipment such as a 3D Scan CT scanner, Panorama and Cephalo X-ray machines, a laser teeth whitening system, and so on. BeDental was established with the mission “Sow smile, spread success”, and believe that everyone deserves to have a charming and confident smile. That’s why Be tried their best to solve the dental problems or obstacles that hide your stunning smile. 

Tooth extraction at BeDental
Tooth extraction at BeDental. Where can you go to get a tooth extraction in HCM City?

With the best dental professionals in Vietnam, BeDental brings devotion and dedication to every customer as if we were family. BeDental is a reputable and professional dental system with various branches in city centers, which helps customers travel easily. In addition, BeDental has the latest imported dental equipment, which is certified for safety by the Ministry of Health. 5-star facilities provide customers with a relaxing atmosphere while experiencing high-class dental services.

What is the price of tooth extraction?

1. Giá Nhổ răng (See more…)
Tooth Extraction
TP01 Giá Nhổ răng sữa thường
Deciduous tooth Extraction without anesthetic
Miễn phí
TP02 Giá Nhổ răng sữa tiêm tê
Deciduous tooth Extraction with Anesthetic
TP03 Giá Nhổ Răng cửa vĩnh viễn
Front Tooth Extraction
TP04 Giá Nhổ Răng hàm nhỏ vĩnh viễn
Premolar tooth Extraction
TP05 Giá Nhổ Răng khôn hàm trên
Upper Wisdom Tooth Extraction
TP06 Giá Nhổ Răng khôn hàm dưới mọc thẳng
Lower Wisdom Tooth Extraction Straight-grown
TP07 Giá Nhổ Răng khôn hàm dưới mọc lệch
Lower Wisdom Tooth Extraction non Straight-grown
TP08 Giá Nhổ Răng khôn hàm dưới khó
Lower Wisdom Tooth Extraction – Dificult
TP09 Giá Nhổ Răng khôn hàm trên bằng máy
Upper Wisdom Tooth Extraction with Piezotime
TP10 Giá Nhổ Răng khôn hàm dưới mọc thẳng bằng máy
Lower Wisdom Tooth Extraction Straight-grown with Piezotome
TP11 Giá Nhổ Răng khôn hàm dưới khó bằng máy
Lower Wisdom Tooth Extraction Straight-grown with Piezotome – Dificult Case
TP12 Giá Nhổ Răng khôn hàm dưới mọc lệch bằng máy
Lower Wisdom Tooth Extraction non Straight-grown with Piezotome

What happens after tooth extraction?

It is normally safe to resume your normal daily activities once the tooth has been extracted. However, you will not be permitted to lift or engage in any strenuous physical activity for the next 24 hours. Your dentist would urge you to take these along with your pain relievers to help you recover faster:

  • Cold packs in your mouth to stop any bleeding.
Cold compress
Cold compress. Where can you go to get a tooth extraction in HCM City?
  • Over the next 24 hours, relax.
  • You should only rinse your mouth with warm salt water in the coming 24 hours (no strong antiseptic rinses)
  • Keep brushing and flossing as usual, but be gentle with the empty socket.
  • Avoid hot foods and beverages.
  • Within the next two meals, only consume soft foods; as the extraction site heals, gradually introduce solids.
  • Avoid using straws, spitting, blowing your nose, and any other actions that might put pressure on your eye socket.
  • Skip the alcohol
  • Usually, after the second day, the pain after the extraction goes away. However, the full healing of gum tissues often takes three weeks.

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