Tongue Scrapers: 7 benefits you should know

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Tongue Scrapers: 7 benefits you should know. What is a tongue scraper? How to use tounge scraper? Let’s find out in this article!

What is a tongue scraper?

What is a tongue scraper? A tongue scraper or tongue cleaner is a tool for cleaning your tongue. Tongue scrapers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they work by pulling the scraper forward from the back of the tongue. Some people use their toothbrush to clean their tongue as well.

Tongue scrapers
What is a tongue scraper?

Tongue scrapers’ advantages

Tongue scraping has many benefits, especially when used together with teeth brushing. The top seven advantages are:

1) Tongue scrapers’ advantages: Removes Bacteria

One of the most important advantages of tongue scraping is that it aids in the removal of bacteria from the tongue. Brushing and rinsing remove only the outer layer of bacteria, leaving the cells beneath to thrive. According to one study, tongue scrapers can remove up to 79% more bacteria than brushing alone! Mutans streptococci and Lactobacilli, which can cause bad breath and tooth decay, are removed by tongue scrapers.

2) Tongue scrapers’ advantages: Better Sense of Taste

According to 2004 research, using a tongue scraper twice a day can improve your sense of taste! This can help you distinguish between bitter, salty, sweet, and sour flavors.

3) Tongue scrapers’ advantages: Activates Organs

A tongue scraper can be used to stimulate your internal organs. That’s right; getting rid of the toxins that accumulated on your tongue overnight can help the rest of your body start the day.

4) Tongue scrapers’ advantages: Remove Excess Debris

You may notice that excess debris accumulates on your tongue from time to time, giving it a white, coated appearance. Daily tongue scraping can assist in removing this coating and keeping it away indefinitely.

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5) Tongue scrapers’ advantages: Better Digestion

The digestion of your food begins in your mouth. The enzymes in your saliva aid digestion by breaking down your food. Tongue scraping aids digestion by activating those enzymes.

6) Tongue scrapers’ advantages: Removes Bad Breath

One of the most common reasons people use tongue scrapers is to combat bad breath. By removing the bacteria that cause bad breath, you can say goodbye to morning dragon breath! Just keep in mind that using a scraper twice a day is preferable because scraping in the morning will not keep bad breath at bay for the entire day.

7) Tongue scrapers’ advantages: Boosts Overall Health

Many different types of bacteria live on your tongue. Some of these bacteria are beneficial, while others are harmful. You can remove harmful bacteria and boost your immunity by using a tongue scraper. It will also aid in the prevention of cavities, gum disease, and other problems.

Stop Bad Breath with Tongue Scraping

Tongue scrapers’ disadvantages

Tongue scraping is undoubtedly beneficial, but it also has some drawbacks.

  • If the scrapper touches down with certain sensitive areas of the tongue, there may be a sensation of vomiting. This is also referred to as the gag reflex.
  • It is critical to keep your tongue cleaners clean; otherwise, they can be a source of tongue infection.
  • Applying too much pressure while scraping your tongue can result in tongue bleeding, so be careful.

How to Use a Tongue Scraper?

Hence, How to Use a Tongue Scraper? Most tongue scrapers have a slightly rounded shape and resemble an inverted spoon (in a pinch, you can even use a clean spoon as a tongue scraper!). You can select one made from:

  • Plastic,
  • Copper, or
  • Stainless steel
What Is Tongue Scraping? A Beginner's Guide | Everyday Health
How to Use a Tongue Scraper?

To properly use a tongue scraper, follow these steps:

  • Open your mouth in front of a mirror and stick out your tongue.
  • Gently place the rounded end of the scraper at the back of your tongue.
  • Start in the middle if you’re worried about triggering your gag reflex. You can go farther back as you get used to it.
  • Gently and slowly pull the scraper forward towards the tip of your tongue. Never push it backward, but always start at the back and work your way to the front.
  • Use a washcloth or tissue to wipe the scraper clean after each scrape.
  • Repeat until you’ve covered the entire surface. Usually, one or two scrapes in an area are enough.
  • Wash the tongue scraper with soap and warm water, dry it, and store it in a clean area.

If you like the way your mouth feels after you clean your tongue, keep it up as part of your daily dental routine. It can be a great way to go the extra mile for your mouth, but comes down to personal preference and is not a necessary step. However, there are four things you can do to make sure your mouth is healthy:

1. Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.

2. Clean between your teeth daily.

3. Eat a healthy diet that limits sugary beverages and snacks.

4. See your dentist regularly for prevention and treatment of dental disease.

The entire process usually takes less than two minutes, making it easy to add to any routine!

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