INVISALIGN clear aligners: All you need to know

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Invisalign Clear aligners, known as clear braces are a new method in dentistry, make people who use this way feel more confident and comfortable, easy to use and easy to receive the best result. Let’s find out in this article!

What are INVISALIGN clear aligners?

It is a method of bracing that is completely different from the traditional method; no elastics or braces are used; instead, clear aligners are used.

What is Invisalign clear aligner?
What is Invisalign clear aligner?

How does Invisalign clear aligner work ?

  • A series of clear aligners are created based on the structure of each person’s teeth and are used at various stages of the orthodontic process.
  • Aligners are numbered sequentially from tray 1 to tray 10, with each tray lasting two weeks. Until the last tray, each tray helps teeth move 0.25mm.
  • Depending on tooth deviation, each patient typically requires 20-40 Invisalign trays for a procedure. For maximum effectiveness, patients must wear their aligners for at least 22 hours per day.

Who can use Invisalign clear braces ?

  • Uneven teeth, Diastema
  • Overbite, underbite, misaligned teeth,etc.

Clear aligners can be used by both children and adults. These clear coverings fit tightly over your teeth and are much less noticeable, making them ideal for people who have jobs that require a lot of communication or who do not have time to visit the dentist for re-examination on a regular basis.

Clear aligners might help align a person’s arches, but they may not be as effective in treating more severe bite problems.

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The procedure of Invisalign clear braces

The aligner is made in the United States. Before getting braces, patients will have an X-ray taken to see the structure of their teeth. Doctors will perform a quick and precise 3D digital scan of your teeth to create a personalized treatment plan for you. The doctor will give it to the patient in part or whole, along with instructions on how to use it.

Some cases need to see a doctor to replace, more convenient for treatment:

  • Who have attachment in teeth
  • Interarch rubber bands
  • Dental contouring
  • Pontics

The aligner allows the patient to self-remove and re-examine after 6-8 weeks, allowing the doctor to easily check and monitor progress. The doctor will review the results and implement techniques to maintain and improve the best teeth after the procedure is completed. Following that, a retainer must be worn to prevent the tooth from shifting back to its original position.

Invisalign clear aligners: Pros and cons

INVISALIGN clear aligners
Invisalign clear aligners: Pros and cons


  • Easier to clean: It is simple to remove the aligner trays when using Invisalign. Brush them gently with toothpaste and warm water before reinstalling them in your mouth.
  • Less dental visits: Metal braces necessitate a visit to the dentist to tighten the rubber bands or wires. Invisalign allows you to participate in activities while your teeth are repositioned and aligned. When you begin the Invisalign treatment program, you will be given aligner trays for the current phase as well as the subsequent phases. Receiving the trays in advance allows you to proceed to the next phase without having to return to the office.
  • The aesthetic factor: This is a frequently cited reason for using Invisalign. These clear aligners are far less noticeable than brace wires and brackets. Adult orthodontic patients, in particular, do not want to stand out. Because of the clear aligner trays, Invisalign allows you to conceal your dental treatment. Unless you tell them, no one needs to know you’re wearing aligners.
  • There are fewer potential issues:  Many people who have traditional braces have stories about a bracket falling off or a wire breaking, necessitating an emergency visit to the orthodontist. With clear aligners, you won’t have to worry about that.
  • More comfort: Even if you’ve never worn braces, you’re aware of the problems with discomfort. Traditional braces work by applying tension to the brackets and wires to reposition the teeth. Tightening the brackets causes soreness until the tension is released, resulting in a vicious cycle of discomfort. When wearing Invisalign, the wearer can remove the trays to eat, brush, and floss their teeth. Invisalign reduces the pain and scraping against your tongue, cheek, or gums.
Invisalign clear aligners: Pros and cons


  • Requires more discipline: Because it is removable, it is critical for someone using Invisalign to wear the aligner at all times. To be effective, you must wear the aligner for at least 20 to 22 hours per day. Because braces are cemented to your teeth, you have no choice but to wear them. Invisalign requires more self-control.
  • Invisalign Isn’t Effective with Complex Problems: If your teeth only need to be straightened slightly, Invisalign may be a good option for you. However, if your teeth are in a more complicated situation or require extensive correction, Invisalign may not be able to straighten them.
  • Expensive: Another disadvantage of Invisalign is its high cost. It is often more expensive than traditional braces in many cases. Furthermore, braces are usually covered by your dental insurance, whereas Invisalign isn’t, which means you’ll have to pay up to $8,000 out of pocket.

Where can you get the service?

BeDental will be the best choice for those who want to experience the top-notch facilities and qualified dentist.

After a short period of operation, the center quickly established itself as a popular destination for dental treatments and a leader in the area of dentistry. BeDental is set to become the top dentistry facility in Vietnam, thanks to highly qualified dental specialists, cutting-edge technology, and cutting-edge equipment such as a 3D Scan CT scanner, Panorama and Cephalo X-ray machines, a laser teeth whitening system, and so on. BeDental was established with the mission “Sow smile, spread success”, and believe that everyone deserves to have a charming and confident smile. That’s why Be tried their best to solve the dental problems or obstacles that hide your stunning smile.

In reality, expenses are variable and rely on a variety of factors in a dental office, such as region, facilities, staff, service quality, brand awareness, technology, and so on. BeDental has revised their price list as our facilities and technologies have improved over the last ten years of growth and development. They make certain that their fees are affordable and flexible to a variety of financial conditions.

Invisalign clear braces at BeDental
Invisalign clear braces at BeDental

Dental services Price list at Bedental

Dental services
Dental services

Here is dental services price list at BeDental

Over 10,000 patients from oversea chose Bedental last year because we provide premium quality dental care at affordable fees and prices.

We do not provide the cheapest dental works in Vietnam as premium dental works cannot be offered at cheap price.
However, compared to the prices of dentists in US, UK, Australia and New Zealand….. you can expect to save up to 70% of the cost of dental treatments while getting the same level of quality. All products, materials and equipment are manufactured in the US, Japan or Europe. All of them are FDA and CE safety regulation compliant.


CN01 1. Orthodontic Trainer 7.000.000
2. Orthodontic Brace
CN02 Japanese traditional metal brace  (See more…) (2 jaws) 30.000.000
CN03 USD traditional metal brace  (See more…) (2 jaws) 35.000.000
CN04 Self-ligating metal brace (See more…) (2 jaws) 42.000.000
CN05 Traditional ceramic brace (See more…) (2 jaws) 35.000.000
CN06 Self-ligating ceramic brace (2 jaws) 55.000.000
CN07 Traditional Sapphire brace (2 jaws) 45.000.000
CN08 Miniscrew: 2.500.000/1 vis (See more…) 2.500.000
CN09 Clincheck film 10.000.000
CN10 Invisalign Express Package (Simple) (Each jaw) 35.000.000
(2 jaws) 45.000.000
CN11 Invisalign Lite Package (Mild) (Each jaw) 60.000.000
(2 jaws) 75.000.000
CN12 Invisalign Moderate Package (Moderate) (Each jaw) 85.000.000
(2 jaws) 110.000.000
CN13 Invisalign Comprehensive – level 1 (Unlimited) Full/ Package 130.000.000
CN14 Invisalign Comprehensive – level 2 (Unlimited) Full/ Package 150.000.000

Do clear aligners take longer than traditional braces ?

The duration of braces, like other methods, is determined by the condition of the teeth. Treatment with Invisalign braces typically takes 1-2 years. To meet higher aesthetic needs, Bedental has used new generation orthodontic techniques. When using this service package, customers will receive dental care from A-Z, including general examination, film, straightening teeth, using brackets, tartar removal, and so on.

In addition, patients also receive free dental cleaning during the braces process, and receive a retainer after braces for half a year.


Are Invisalign better than braces?

Which is better, braces or Invisalign? Braces are better for people with severe crookedness and most kids and teens. Invisalign and other brands of clear aligners are best for adults who want a nearly invisible and more comfortable straightening method, as long as the teeth aren’t too crooked.

Does Invisalign work permanently?

As with virtually any procedure, we understand that you probably want to know how long the treatment is going to last. So now for the main question: Is Invisalign a permanent solution? The short answer is that yes, the purpose of Invisalign braces is to provide you with straight teeth for life.

Does Invisalign hurt?

Does Invisalign hurt? Invisalign is an excellent option for straightening teeth, but it can sometimes cause some discomfort, pain, or soreness. Usually, the pain is less when compared to traditional braces and can vary in intensity from individual to individual

Can Invisalign damage your teeth?

If you use Invisalign for more than one year, the aligners may chip your teeth or cause other long-term damage to them. Like braces, Invisalign can also contribute to gum recession and exposed tooth roots. However, going to the dentist as needed should prevent any damage since dentists check for these side effects

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand more about Invisalign orthodontics, and you can now decide whether to use this method or not, as well as locate a reputable high-quality dental facility with experienced and professional doctors.


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Above is an article that Lang moi shares for you, if you have any questions that need to be answered, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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