Cleaning Water Flossers: How To Clean Water Flosser

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Cleaning water flosser is important. Keeping your water flosser clean is essential to its performance. Mineral deposits, mold, and other debris can accumulate in water flossers, causing them to slow down and perform poorly. Ideally, you should clean your water flosser once a month, taking it apart and ensuring that each component is clean before reassembling it. Today we will demonstrate how to clean a water flosser in a few simple steps.

Cleaning water flosser
Cleaning water flosser

Cleaning water flosser

Please keep in mind that the following is general advice that mostly applies to Waterpik water flossers. Always consult the user manual for your product to ensure that the steps are in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Unless otherwise specified, disconnect the flosser from the power supply before cleaning.

Cordless Water Flosser WP-360 by Waterpik®

How To Clean Water Flosser: At A Glance

Whenever you clean water flosser, you can expect to

  • Clean the outside of your Waterpik (you can do this more than once a month)
  • Clean the water reservoir
  • Clean the internal components of the Waterpik
  • Clean the handle (if you have a countertop model)
  • Clean the tip of your water flosser

How To Clean Water Flosser: The Step-By-Step Method

Cleaning The Outside Of The Waterpik

Cleaning the outside of your Waterpik is simple enough that you can do it more than once a month. All you need is a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth for this.

Cleaning The Water Reservoir

Read your user manual to find out how to remove the water reservoir from the unit.

If you have a countertop model, you must also remove the valve. You can do this by pushing on the valve’s bottom. Submerge it in running water for 30 to 45 seconds.

You can clean your water reservoir in your dishwasher and then leave it to air dry. You can also use warm soapy water to clean the water reservoir.

Don’t forget to put the valve back in if you removed it.

How To Clean Your Waterpik and Other Flossers | Time Savings Technique

Cleaning The Internal Components

1 to 2 teaspoons white vinegar in water, then run through your Waterpik until the water reservoir is empty. After that, rinse it with clean water.

Clean The Handle (Countertop Models Only)

Use the eject button to remove the tip from your Waterpik.

Soak your Waterpik handle in a solution made up of two parts water to one part white vinegar. Allow it to sit in the solution for five to seven minutes.

Cleaning The Flosser Tip

Soak your Waterpik tip in a solution of two parts water to one part white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide for two minutes. Allow the Waterpik tip to soak in the solution for five minutes before removing it and rinsing it with cold water.

Replacing Your Waterpik Tip

Water flosser tips should be replaced every three to six months. You may notice that the water pressure changes over time, making your Waterpik a little more difficult to use. This is due to the possibility of mineral deposits accumulating in the tip, necessitating a replacement.

Waterpiks water flossing cleaning advice

As the leading manufacturer of water flossers, Waterpik have put together a video that explains how best to clean their water flossing products.
It essentially demonstrates what I have already mentioned above, but its great to see a physical demonstration of the process.

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How to Clean a Waterpik® Water Flosser - YouTube


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